2020 Spafford – Berger Christmas Letter

This past year of 2020 sure has been uneventful and humdrum for the Spafford – Berger family, but we thought it was a good year to get to know each other much better. In March, we decided to start spending a lot more time together. First, we loaded up on toilet paper (cheaper than tissues for watching family movies and crying) then we started home schooling the kids. Guess whose introverted kids didn’t miss school? You got it. Our introverted kids – well, except the youngest, who rather enjoys the chat.

We also got a puppy named Trixie. Iris has wanted a dog for a very long time. The biggest lover of dogs in our family also happens to be allergic to them. Trixie is a Poodle – Bishon mix and hypoallergenic. Toffee the cat is 7 years old and has been more than patient.

This past summer we stayed close to home – mostly in our backyard. This particular year we lived real hard at this residence. Over the past year, we lived four years of living in this house. If the walls of this house could talk, they would probably ask, “when will you be leaving?”

This year we decided to wear masks to protect our family from germs, thus ensuring that we could spend more quality time together. It seemed like a lot of other people chose to do that. Coincidence? I know, crazy. It made some people so mad. In their defense, how can you turn that frown upside down if you can’t see it.

To stay extra close to the family, Cynthia taught school from home. The bonus? No bothersome questions about bathroom passes.

I noticed that the guys picking up the recycling are looking more fit from all the extra heavy lifting – with more empty whiskey, wine and beer bottles in our recycling. It looks like this staying close to home is helping everyone. Horray!

Lila, 18, will be graduating in 2021. She’s been accepted at Montana State University and Kansas City Art Institute thus far. Cynthia had to work, but me and the kids traveled to Bozeman, MT in late August to check out MSU. We also swung through Yellowstone National Park, the Badlands, Mount Rushmore, and Crazy Horse. These are all fine places and I recommend you visit them or find something on the travel channel about them.

Hoyt, 13, is missing soccer because of our new family-centric lifestyle. He’s excited to get back to it when we are done being so “close knit”. His seventh-grade classroom is only 6 feet from his bed. So that’s handy. Being at home all day gives him more time to point out to Lila that he is now taller than her.

Iris, 10, changed her focus over the summer from swimming to skateboarding. She’s becoming rad and sick. I don’t know if it’s in that order. Sick may come before rad. I only understand sick and tired. She is also taking the lead in the family to train the afore mentioned dog. In reality, she’s the only one that Trixie listens to.

Below is a picture of the kids on Lila’s 18th birthday. Toffee the cat could not be convinced to join the picture.

We wish you and your family the Happiest of Holidays and look forward to a more eventful 2021.

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