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It was a banner day today. I was able to get two kids to take a nap at the same time. This meant pushing one to the outer boundaries of her mind (and mine) and the other’s eyes needed to be duct taped shut. But, it was well worth the energy and planning it took. Now I just need to put earplugs in the 8 year old’s ears so as she reads she doesn’t hear the ice cream truck music. By the way, since Spider Man has finally opened on Broadway, maybe we need a ballet with ice cream trucks playing all the music. They’d be on stage. At intermission you could get ice cream from them. It could be called Black Shwan’s. (leave me alone. I just made that up).

With the kids occupied I started to plan our trip to the MREA Energy Fair. The perfect place where a fella can learn about solar hot water heaters, have a beer and listen to music. It’s the 21st year of the fair and I highly recommend it if you’re near Wisconsin (particularly, Custer, WI). It’s one of the largest in the country. We’ve camped on the grounds 3 or 4 times. This will be the first time with our 1-year-old. We’ll be spending two fun-filled nights in a small tent with our three kids. I am assured to wake with cramps in my legs and kinks in my neck. Kids feet and legs will be punching me like a prize-fighter workin’ on a side of beef all night long.

My wife and I will try to attend workshops during the day, but we will mostly be trying to tire the kids out so they sleep more like logs and less like wild boars (hogs). They will be making homemade paint the first night, then painting a kid’s stage. Since there are no showers in the campsite, they will be covered with paint for two days. That, plus the dirty ankles they’ll be no doubt sporting will add to their hippy kid look. But whatever makes them sleep more is ok for parents who could care less about free love. Free sleep makes the world go round, man.

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