Happy Father’s What?

Back from a weekend of camping at the MREA Energy Fair in beautiful Custer, WI (think Stevens Point-ish). Those of you not familiar with Wisconsin, think the exact center of the mitten. Those of you in New York or Los Angeles think about how you should learn more about what other states look like.

A Stay at Home Dad, who is Sad from staying at home, would think some relief would be in store in a weekend camping getaway. The problem is that even with my wife’s help (she goes by Cynthia) we were in trouble. Apparently, we just needed to be reminded that we should not be camping with a 1 year old and a 3.7 year old. 8 seems fine for the camping scene. We camped at sites that are one step away from sleeping in your car. These sites are on the grounds of the MREA and are perfect for vendors or people (and children) who need to take naps in the afternoon. No fires and no showers.

Our first problem was to bring our old small tent. We thought it would be fine for two nights. 4 person tent (really 2 adults) + 3 kids + 2 adults = 2 kinked necks and minimal sleep. All of my distraction methods are out the window when outside the home environment. I’ve got no pool of water to be filled and I can only have them pick up sticks for so long. To top it off, Hoyt decides he can’t use porta-potties. After looking back at last weeks posts of back to back P— and Pee discussions, I’m not even going to continue with what that entailed. Suffice to say Cynthia owes me.

I began my Father’s Day Sunday morning lying in a tent with rain coming down and continued it with packing that same tent up in the rain while my wife kept the kids caged in the mini-van. Three and a half hours later after unloading the car and hanging everything out to dry I got a Father’s Day nap.

Lila (the 8 year old, who can camp) asked me, after waking up from my nap, “Why don’t they make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day on the same day?” Instead of drowning her with some kind of commerce answer, I simply said I don’t know. She hears that from me a lot. Then she asked, “Why does Mother’s Day have to be first?” I had to think more about this one. Then I responded, “That’s a very good question, you should go ask your Moth–” I stopped. I told her not to go ask. Once again, I realized that¬† carrying a human in your body for 9 months, then making it come out, trumps rolling up a wet tent.¬† It even trumps “Stay at Home Father’s Day”.

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