The Aristocraft – Part 3

The morning brought back the sun and it said, “Hey, what’s up with you guys? You need to bail out your boat and isn’t camping fun.” We bailed out the boat. While we bailed out the boat we could see our friend’s sailboat gliding across the lake off in the distance and had no way […]

The Aristocraft – Part 2

Another sunny, beautiful day. Nothing could go wrong. The plan was to take our boat out to the farthest island- Devil’s Island -to visit the old lighthouse. Devil”a Island was some 7 miles out in Lake Superior. There were other islands that spotted our peripheral on the way out so it wasn’t as though we […]

The Aristocraft – Part 1

A $200 1960s boat at a garage sale in Remer, Minnesota. First off, why don’t the people of Remer get together and change the name of their town. Secondly, this is the reason everyone should always carry cash. I apologize. I never carry cash. The Remerite must have taken a check. Dear and kind boat […]

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