Eulogy for Marvin Spafford (12/10/2021)

Thank you for coming out today to help us honor the memory of our dad, Marvin John Spafford. I want to start by quoting my dad’s favorite President, Bill Clinton (Long Pause). I’m just kidding. That’s not his favorite president at all. We didn’t agree on politics. I told him a couple years ago if […]

2019 Spafford / Berger Christmas Letter

Friends and Family,   We all go through sadness or loss or heartbreak and a slew of other assorted feelings of the same genre throughout the year. Wait. Is that the beginning of my Christmas letter? Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! The aforementioned feelings and remembrances are not what we want to put on […]

Eulogy for Connie Spafford (10/19/2019)

My sister Nikki and I took our mom in for a memory evaluation 10 years ago. The staff person asked a series of questions to get a baseline of her memory. One question asked how many children she had. She answered four. The nice woman said that Nicole and Jason are here, can you tell […]

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