Vacation from Saginaw

I pulled into Bethlehem Sixty miles from Nazareth Who knew to say amen to PA Dreamed of leaving Saginaw And heading not far enough south Got a job as a forklift driver Punched a clock at a cold storage Quit for Fort Lauderdale FLA Traded Harley Davidson beer For a place to sleep and a […]

Mountain Cabin

Log cabin befriends the side of the mountain Smoke slips out of the chimney Like a grey woman from a corset Free and relaxed on the bed of a sky Logs call to squirrels and chipmunks Tall trees look down on fallen brethren Stacked atop each other for comfort Of others Sideway glances to heaven […]

Low Mercury

There’s a chill where I walk So I can’t stop and talk It’s a pressure cooker winter again The fruit was bent, seeds took flight There’s only the crunch under foot And the blackened dog Mary named Soot The chimney pipes talk real loud Train cars crashing together off Central Avenue Break the icy air […]

Maybe Baby

Giving up the dead Haute and circumstance Rings of fire circumspect Light rises buoyed and shed Push through the contortions Of the cortex, Cortez sailing Beyond the flowers and familiar soil Pick up the scepter and dance With morning embers of chill Clarity waits on white foaming horses Adoring dawn impeccable, replaceable Breaking from the […]

Sugar Noses

Spring whistles at winter groping it Via screeching taxi drivers Wheels feeling the unclad Pavement up and down Melting tar and smell scattering Noses like sugar Rays of light Peel off winter and go Burlesque turning peep shows Into squint fests Couch old enough to sip whiskey All night gets tossed outside To make small […]

Nap Time

Big lake like a sodium free ocean Skinny boy body bereft of bad Habits Mud-slinging breaks the surface Of August morning water we want To be clean and calm light sifting Its sharp fingers through us Making us young and less pink Skin taught by the sun Building dirt castles Where water meets our clocks […]

The Candidate

Sniffling down a back country road Heels digging in, gravel scraping Brown patent leather shoes fresh From a misguided campaign Hands shaking Country smells like a determined spring Ring through the nose The pig don’t rut Shade of the magnolias keep Blood from boiling beautiful bad dream turned real Shot to the gut Lead and […]

Breaking Up with the Living

Death unto my eyes comes from a distance. Hurry and wait like renewing Your license to be. No frail painted endings can be seen from my fire. No tears for a lucky number. Winter stumbles in like a drunken trapper Not knowing to be sad. The day ends With a fuse bright that doesn’t look […]

Marry Me

Down by the creek doors always open I said marry me You said ferry me To the other side of this wide life You’ll be my wife Little white church In a green green field Dancin’ in the aisles when the prayin’s done Rippin’ an’ shoutin’ like the Lord wanted Us ta have fun til […]

Goddamn Miller

Please set up the cannon to be shot in the early morning The Governor is coming to town and we care Not a bit to drill the new fuse hole Find the cannon red and blue steel buried under dirt and Time up on Miller’s homestead. Why can’t goddamn Miller control his boys It was […]

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