Nap Time

Big lake like a sodium free ocean Skinny boy body bereft of bad Habits Mud-slinging breaks the surface Of August morning water we want To be clean and calm light sifting Its sharp fingers through us Making us young and less pink Skin taught by the sun Building dirt castles Where water meets our clocks […]

Gotta Look

Hey you with your books Don’t gimme your looks Off your high horse And talk to the pawns We don’t live in fastidious times Puttin’ down hideous rhymes But to get to the point We’ve gotta look around To get to the truth We’ve gotta be found Love is like The longest hike A blackboard […]

The Refrigerator

The refrigerator is rotten It’s shiny and stainless Stealing glances from the stove Upright and dependable But cold and keeps to itself Lately a smell emanates From beneath its non-sentient seething When questioned it remains Impervious and above reproach What’s going on What are you hiding I scream, not caring It outweighs me and gives […]

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