Lay down in a snow colored field Soft like goose grown Where death is covered by the winter Blanket Your heart from the suspect season Let your cheek feel the frozen earth Sprinkle concentric flakes bitter and numb Cold to warm fresh flesh Young like the night stars above Naked and cold half-moon spilling milk […]

Gotta Look – A Poem

Hey you with your books Don’t gimme your looks Off your high horse And talk to the pawns We don’t live in fastidious times Puttin’ down hideous rhymes But to get to the point We’ve gotta look around To get to the truth We’ve gotta be found Love is like The longest hike A blackboard […]

Rye & Fire – A Poem (Click to hear Song below)

RYE AND FIRE Get your guns And carry them to the creek A Colt 45 long and sleek Crops come in Rye comes out Herald and shout The fire chief stood in the yard Said it looked like arson I said it looked like love Not every day in this big ol’ life That someone […]

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