Plunger Etiquette

Occasionally, when one is using a bathroom, one will need the assistance of a device that was created to spare innocent people embarrassment, while solving a basic problem. This device is called a plunger. We all know the drill. At least I believe my readers are plunger familiar folks. I have seen the kinds of […]

How to Spell Quantity and Other Cuss Words

Dear readers I’m afraid this selection may not be for the faint of heart. I may have to use a word or two that none of us use and I will have to allude to some words that some of us use. I promise to move this conversation in an educational and enlightening direction and […]

I’m Not a Guest at Target

Sometimes something else is better just because it’s not the previous something else. I went to Target with the kids the other day and was reminded how annoyed I am that I am considered a guest there. It’s been a few years since some marketing company or in-house brain trust foisted the mantle of “Guest” […]

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