The Lost Tapes Part 1

In early 2001, when my friend and business partner Dave and I were in the process of growing a DVD production business (one of the first outside of L.A. and N.Y.), there could be a lot of down time in between customer calls. While other entrepreneurs might be out trying to raise capital or working on grand marketing plans, Dave and I were fairly content to just wait for the phone to ring and emails to come in with work. Because of the excess time, I started calling my friend Jim and having long conversations (he was at home with his two young daughters and working part time as an art teacher), and sometimes one of us would be in character. I decided to tape my calls with Jim and others and not tell them about it – for twenty years. I discovered over 5 hours of recordings when we moved in 2019. I played the tapes for the first time in 2021 and decided to digitize them. I put them up here for friends to listen to – if you’ve really got absolutely nothing else going on in your life. Note how, occasionally, I’ll get a phone call from a customer and I’ll have to put someone on hold and talk seriously about DVDs for a moment. It seems like I’m usually in a hurry to get them off the phone and back to my little stories. FYI: There was a time after this that I had no time for silly phone calls and Dave and I sold the company in 2007 to the highest bidder of three companies.

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