2018 Spafford – Berger Christmas Letter

If The Savior Jesus Christ had a junk drawer (and I’m guessing he did, being a man of the people and all)

Rye and Fire

Get your guns And carry them to the creek A Colt 45 long and sleek Crops come in Rye comes out Herald and shout The fire chief stood in the yard Said it looked like arson I said it looked like love Not every day in this big ol’ life That someone tries to burn […]


Lay down in a snow colored field Soft like goose grown Where death is covered by the winter Blanket Your heart from the suspect season Let your cheek feel the frozen earth Sprinkle concentric flakes bitter and numb Cold to warm fresh flesh Young like the night stars above Naked and cold half-moon spilling milk […]

Ode to Death

Devil devil die Death mortal dead Mucus moss filled death Bad luck And so on —————— from Car Sick from Circus Peanuts

The Perfect Day

A pushy gray sky sinks Dripping teeth into my day What to do but stay In my shelter Thoughts of Helter Skelter Harakiri Mariah Carey All somewhere playing With the sun Gone Frightened away _______from Car Sick from Circus Peanuts


That guy’s a no good pimp He’s got no weapon or guts She’s like a butterfly In a jar Tempered like hot steal Hardened by a starless night She needs to be found Not enough holes in the lid That pimp’s gonna get cut She’s wanting to get free Wants to run wants to strut […]

Vacation from Saginaw

I pulled into Bethlehem Sixty miles from Nazareth Who knew to say amen to PA Dreamed of leaving Saginaw And heading not far enough south Got a job as a forklift driver Punched a clock at a cold storage Quit for Fort Lauderdale FLA Traded Harley Davidson beer For a place to sleep and a […]

Mountain Cabin

Log cabin befriends the side of the mountain Smoke slips out of the chimney Like a grey woman from a corset Free and relaxed on the bed of a sky Logs call to squirrels and chipmunks Tall trees look down on fallen brethren Stacked atop each other for comfort Of others Sideway glances to heaven […]

Low Mercury

There’s a chill where I walk So I can’t stop and talk It’s a pressure cooker winter again The fruit was bent, seeds took flight There’s only the crunch under foot And the blackened dog Mary named Soot The chimney pipes talk real loud Train cars crashing together off Central Avenue Break the icy air […]

Maybe Baby

Giving up the dead Haute and circumstance Rings of fire circumspect Light rises buoyed and shed Push through the contortions Of the cortex, Cortez sailing Beyond the flowers and familiar soil Pick up the scepter and dance With morning embers of chill Clarity waits on white foaming horses Adoring dawn impeccable, replaceable Breaking from the […]

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