Boxers, Briefs or…

There are some limits. There are just some things that are too embarrassing to write about, no matter how funny they are. Unless, of course, it’s about someone else. This particular installment is about a good friend – I’ll call him Jack. Jack is my age and we see eye to eye on many subjects. […]

Plunger Etiquette

Occasionally, when one is using a bathroom, one will need the assistance of a device that was created to spare innocent people embarrassment, while solving a basic problem. This device is called a plunger. We all know the drill. At least I believe my readers are plunger familiar folks. I have seen the kinds of […]

How to Spell Quantity and Other Cuss Words

Dear readers I’m afraid this selection may not be for the faint of heart. I may have to use a word or two that none of us use and I will have to allude to some words that some of us use. I promise to move this conversation in an educational and enlightening direction and […] took Food from My Baby’s Mouth took food from my baby. That seems like a strong statement and one might think it must be a joke. Well, it’s hardly a joke. How does an internet company take food from a baby? Why would an internet company – or any company, for that matter – take a baby’s food? I don’t […]

Heading North

Why must we get away on weekends? My friend Dan is so smart. He doesn’t go away on weekends. Although I think he goes to soccer games all weekend. Maybe no one has it figured out. We are of the kind of people who like to get away for the weekend. We drive three hours […]

Turning Down the Raise

I contemplated offering my daughter an allowance.  Of course, hardscrabble me never had an allowance. The way it worked in our house was we helped do things around the house and my parents allowed us to live there. My brother and I had an allowance for several weeks until we didn’t do some things. The […]

LinkedIn with Toothless Kenny

I worked at the Minnesota State Fair. My direct supervisor was Toothless Kenny. My job was VP of Marketing and Product Development. My focus was broad retail marketing, encompassing strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative research, interactive marketing, creative development, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotions and visual merchandising, with the ability and skill set to […]

The Snowmobile Rodeo

My kids are like cockroaches. They adapt and thrive no matter what I do. Our 8-year-old wants to watch TV so badly that I decided to let her watch it continually. The idea here is that she would get so sick of it and not want to watch it ever again. This did not work. I […]

I’m Not a Guest at Target

Sometimes something else is better just because it’s not the previous something else. I went to Target with the kids the other day and was reminded how annoyed I am that I am considered a guest there. It’s been a few years since some marketing company or in-house brain trust foisted the mantle of “Guest” […]

Black 35 Birthday

Birthdays happen once every year. This is the way it works. There is a date which we are birthed and every year for the rest of our lives we celebrate this date. It starts out innocently enough as a way to celebrate this new body being here for 365 days. Once that time frame is up, you’re assigned […]

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